For the past 9 days, I’ve been in an extreme (for me) workout regimen. Upping my calories to 3500, and working out nearly every day of the week.

I am reading about the mechanism of action for various ADHD drugs. The more adventurous part of me wants to try drugs still, to see what boosts peak mental performance with less come-down then caffeine. Not something I’d use for multiple days or weeks on end.

A short story I wrote as a writing prompt to a Reddit post at near 3am. This is a rough first draft that I may or may-not improve upon.

While I don’t know how many of you use, I know they have been good to me. I wrote a nice little powershell script to run on-demand and to get an idea of where my profits stand. This script also hits to look at my balance and to get the current exchange rate and estimate $USD/hour, day, month, etc profits.

Time is the most valuable thing you have. A mindset that I continually impress on people is that by working, you are selling your time. To rephrase, a company is buying part of your life, in exchange for money. You need the money for altering your life. But you can still live without money.