The Saab is mobile

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Finally, my car is off the jacks. There are actually indents in my driveway from the three weeks it was up on the stands. Placeholder for picture of driveway

Placeholder for video of car lowering

I can’t wait to do absolutely nothing with it for the next two weeks. Nearly every waking moment the past week has been spent going mad worrying about getting the car finished before having to extend my Enterprise car rental. Driving a Nissan Versa note for a week really let me know how much I’d miss my car.

There’s a minor repair I have to do because I installed the new Stabilizer bar links incorrectly. I didn’t install the second rubber boot because it didn’t quite fit. However, I talked to the manufacturer, and I just need to flip them both around. I had the little rubber things upside-down. They are meant for the smaller diameter part to be facing eachother and touching the control arm.

stabilizer bar pic

Lots of fun in the coming months, but definitely looking forward to the break from the panic induced by having to have my car finished.

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