Saab holdup. Again.

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Well, here I am again. Waiting on more parts. I was working last night further on my car, and found a rather annoying feature on my extremely rusty steering knuckles. The strut sleeve is welded in place and not removable without excessive force.

I applied excessive force and mangled the existing sleeves.

The knuckles were removed due to completely shot front struts, a suspected bad passenger axle bearing, and a broken bolt inside the passenger wheel hub.

I got both hubs off, the bearings out, compressed one of the springs, pulled off the strutmount/bearing and found my little gift. By design, the struts are not removable. I spent about two hours hammering, chiseling, and praying attempting to get this stupid sleeve off. No luck.

Unfortunately this means that I will be yet another week without a working vehicle until the new parts get here. But oh look, the $35 subframe bolt gets here today. So I can finish replacing the passenger control arm. Because the current bolt stripped and is recessed, I ended up using my angle grinder to cut the old control arm in half at the bolt to get it off the car.

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