Pushing forwards.

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New blog, new cat, few things going on.

It’s surprisingly hard to type on a laptop while a cat is sitting on your lap. Might be related to my problem of having only one lap.

3D print

Started a 3D print for a silly pencil cup design this afternoon. My new 3D printer(s) are coming along nicely. I have a 2-3 step process in mind. Next printer will be a 50% scaled version of the 1 meter tall Delta printer I plan to build. Costs associated with build are already filled thanks to the orders on 3Dhubs.


New cat? More on that later.


Downloaded the Atom Editor. Specifically for editing markdown text. It’s surprisingly easy to use. It has an English intelitype text automatic text suggestion.

Lots to come in the new year. Entering in to it with a new job, a wife, a home. Only time will tell what the future holds for us.

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