Where do I buy my printer stuff? (part 1 of ?)

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As you can see, the 3D print finished! But…well…. It didn’t work as expected. The internal walls of the print for whatever reason, didn’t render. It printed, but the pencil cup has a few issues. It would probably be much better with the intended internal walls.

New 3D printer parts are here.

new parts pictures

First parts for the mini-mega kossel are here! Aluminum corners. They are awesome and very heavy. I got them from RobotDigg.com

Overall, my experiences with RobotDigg have been quite positive. They sometimes take quite a while to ship, but recently revamped their site. RobotDigg either ships direct from China or from their USA warehouse depending on the shipping method you choose. Typically, I use the American warehouse because the China warehouse can take 7 to 70 days to ship. Hey, I did say China direct. They have some of the highest quality cheap 3D printer parts around. I highly recommend anything from their site for any self-sourcing 3D printer enthusiast.

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